The dark synth-pop of Passionate Electronics from Spaces Of Disappearance caught our attention on CHIRP’s chart this week. But set your notions of “pop” aside before diving in. Spaces Of Disappearance don’t give you something straightforward and easy. There is depth to their synth riffs and a brazen attitude about them-- CMJ

Earlier today I wrote about Grimes and her stunning live performances, but she's not the only one who masters the fine art of electronic solo live performances: Elaine Davis from Chicago, who goes as Spaces of Disappearance on stage, combines cool electronics with a powerful, soulful voice-- Glamglare, NY

 They are all great songs that demonstrate how a great songwriter Spaces [Elaine] is. Each track reveals a new depth. Its like they have in their blood, reflexes, muscle fibers, a deep and fundamental understanding of what induces dancing, movement, like without pandering-- Goth Traveler 

What really caught me off guard was the singing on here and it's just so good.    I feel like sometimes having vocals added into what is already great instrumental music can just make it feel too complex and overdone in some ways, but Spaces of Disappearance manages to make it work so that these songs never feel too busy and only ever feel just right-- Raised by Gypsies 

Elaine Davis’ vocals drip over minimalist, electronic drums and twinkling keyboards. But there’s nothing bubblegum about Passionate Electronics; the sweetness is stomped on by lyrical aggression and synth-laden angst-- Local Loop Chicago