Dancey, spacey, trippy, and slightly evil: Elaine HD's solo electropop project Spaces of Disappearance is a unique blend of the danceable and dark. Singer. songwriter and programmer Elaine creates  haunting vocals that mingle with syncopated beats, energetic synths, and unique sounds . Never predictable, the music is catchy but deceptively complex and the sound is too pleasantly disconcerting to fit in the milieu of standard electro-pop.  After releasing a debut EP in 2013, followed by 2 singles with several remixes, Elaine embarked on 2 tours to the East Coast and Midwest.  Spaces of Disappearance released a new EP "Passionate Electronics" in March 2015. It received critical praise and was featured  on the college and indie radio circuit. In 2016 Elaine released a single "No None" with her first official video in June before releasing her EP "There is No Loss" in September 2016. Following tours in the U.S., Canada and Europe in 2017, Elaine released a single, "Mr. Nobody" in 2018 along with a Tiny Desk video of the single for NPR. In 2019, Elaine played her last show in Chicago supporting John Maus before moving to Europe. Currently based in Barcelona, Elaine is releasing 2 new songs in fall 2019.